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The dance calendar through October 2016



Social Dancing & Competitions!

Pick any week-end, and chances are you'll find more than a dance convention going on. Most Dance Conventions are for the money. Few dance conventions cares for the dancers. We need dance conventions focus on social dancing. Competition is fun for some of us. Now we have two different dance cultures the serious competitor and the social dancer. That's why advance sales tickets are low for some dance conventions. They should be concern.  Dancers & Competitors are waiting for the last Day to buy an event ticket. Any dance events that focus on competitions only are destroying our hobby we love. Best Dance events are West Coast Swing Club sponsored  & NASDE Tour events (.NASDE will pay out prize money to competitors who have earned the most points). NASDE mission is to inspire the best dancers in the world to compete for prizes worthy of their talent. Effective January 2013, NASDE will pay out prize money to competitors who have earned the most points competing in the Classic, Showcase, Pro SS and Pro/Invitational J&J divisions at NASDE tour events.Prize fund is established by multiplying $2000 by the number of existing active member events. i.e., if there are 12 active NASDE events, the prize fund will be $24,000, 11 events would be $22,000, Etc...NASDE hope to inspire the best dancers in the world to compete on their tour.  http://www.nasde.net/tour-events.php














Free Service for our Dancers!

Dancebook is for dancers only which includes informations for dance venues, Workshops and Dance Events..


WCS Thursday, October 27 

Jim Minty & Robb Bryan!

Everyone Welcome!

WCS_THursday_August WCS_Thursday__China_Harbor









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